The Christmas season is upon us again.  For some people it seems to have become all about the cost of the gifts, putting on a massive spread of food and completely buying into the commercial hype without much thought given to what it actually means to them on an individual level.

For the people on their end journey, when this is potentially their last Christmas, the approach is vastly different.  This can still be the season of gifts, it’s just about different sorts of gifts.

Knowing that you or a loved one is on their end journey is a beautiful gift, denied to many.  It provides an opportunity for precious memories to be created, both for the person on their end journey and their loved ones.  It provides an opportunity for the words that need to be spoken and for the acts to be undertaken.

We knew that my Dad’s last Christmas was going to be his last one – he was already in a hospice.  So we took Christmas to him, a few weeks early.  We had a fabulous family picnic in the grounds and Dad was even able to come out in a wheelchair and join us for a short while.  In many ways it was a normal family gathering with much laughter.  Dad died on January 6.

It was similar with my sister and we knew that she was already on borrowed time.  She died on February 3.

Precious memories were created, treasured photos we taken and much thought was put into the gifts that were given.

This Christmas, don’t exclude those who are on their end journey.  Create celebrations that work within the confines of their journey and create precious memories for all.  Celebrate the gift of knowing.  You will be so thankful later.

With love to you, Sharon