Got a question?  Hopefully, we’ve got an answer.  Please have a look through the questions and answers below.  If you still have questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.  Click here to go to the Contact Us page.

When should we start working together?

The earlier the better so that we have time to create a plan and work through it, but truly, whenever we start working together is the right time.

Do my whole family have to be there?

That really depends on what you are wanting and needing.  If there are some issues to be worked through with the family, sometimes group sessions are beneficial.  Other times, it may be best just working together 1:1.

How much time does it take?

How long we work together really depends on when in the process we start working together and what support you are needing.  I have had clients with whom I worked for over 5 months and others were just a few hours.  We can work out what’s right for your situation in a chat.

Do you just work with the dying or their loved ones?

Who I work with depends on each individual situation.  Sometimes it might just be the person dying, sometimes it might be some of the loved ones and sometimes it’s both.  It’s all about meeting your needs – there’s not a one size fits all approach with this work.

What's involved in sessions?

Sessions are most often just spent talking – whether they are deep and meaningful, whether they are working through some particular issues, whether they are treasured memories being shared etc  They can be actively creating memory projects.  There’s a whole host of things that can happen in sessions.  As with all of the care provided, we work out what needs to happen and go from there.

We're already working with a hospice/palliative care service. Why do we need you?

I am a big fan of both hospice care and palliative care – if they are right for your particular journey.  When done right, these are spectacular.  My family and clients have had some wonderful experiences with these services.  Help from me comes in as sometimes all your spiritual/emotional needs are not able to be met by these service providers.

What do you actually do?

This varies greatly depending on the people we are working with and what they need.  It might be making audio/video recordings for you to leave your loved ones; it might be working through any emotional/spiritual challenges you may be experiencing; it might be transforming the energy in your space to being one of peace and unconditional love; it might be someone just regularly spending time sitting, being and talking with you…it really is all about you and your needs.  Every person is totally different with what they need.

What do you mean by Spiritual?

In this context, Spiritual just means not aligned with any one particular religion or belief system.  We will work with you within the context of what you do and don’t believe – it’s about respecting your belief system.

What is Holding Sacred Space/Focused Energy Support?

The essence of this aspect of the work is sitting in a meditative type space and connecting with what I call my Divine Higher Powers.  I then focus on settling into my heart space and feeling pure and unconditional love.  I then focus that energy on who I am working with – either individually or collectively – and expanding that energy to surround them and possibly also their environment.

I wrote a detailed blog about one of these experiences to try and capture the essence of the work.  You can read it by clicking here.

Can you resolve family disputes?

This is a biggie and while I would love to be able to Yes in all cases, that’s just not realistic.  Certainly, the aim is to resolve any issues, but that requires all parties involved to be willing to work through things and in some cases, compromise.  And that’s not always possible.

I can certainly work with you to try and work through any issues.

Will you be there when I/they die?

If that is what is wished, and as much as is humanly possible, yes.

You’ve know doubt heard that quite a few people take the final steps across the veil when the people who have been with them quickly go to the loo or whip out for a drink/something to eat.  I don’t believe that this is coincidental.  I believe sometimes the spirit needs that final period of aloneness to take that final step.  So, while yes, we can plan for that to happen, know that it may not always be possible.