Picture of a woman's face with a tear running down itSomeone asked me last week “…but what about when they die? Do you cry?” My response… “Absolutely. I cry like a baby!!”

I absolutely cry because every one I serve touches me & my soul in some way. I cry tears of gratitude that I was able to be part of this person’s life & have the honour of serving them. I cry for the loved ones they have left behind who so deeply feel their loss. But my tears are also of joy – sometimes because they are no longer suffering & sometimes because I believe they are birthed into something else. I also find a private & intimate way to honour this soul.

I also cry because it puts front & centre into my face the loss of my loved ones. This coming week will see the 4th anniversary of my precious Aunty Maggs’ sudden passing. Maggs was my Mum’s identical twin & a woman I adored. She was the aunt who enabled us to get away with blue murder. When Maggs was around we could tell the most horrendous jokes. She had a laugh that filled the room & a loving heart the size of this country.

I cry because loss & grief are part of the emotions we get to experience in our humanness. And maybe, just maybe in my crying, I give someone else permission to cry, to grieve, to just be totally authentic to what they are feeling.

Try as we might, we cannot selectively numb the emotions we don’t want to experience, because in doing so we also numb the joy, the bliss, the excitement, the passion, the happiness. And I don’t want to miss those for anything.

I am so honoured with what I get to call work. To serve those at the most sacred time in their life, to help them create peace, to help them feel unconditional love. Absolutely I cry.

With love & peace, Sharon