This week is National Palliative Care Week and the theme this year is Dying to Talk; Talking About Dying Won’t Kill You.

This is a great topic as in our society there is a definite hesitance to talking about the dying and death experience.

This week I will be sharing one short video & blog each day about how you can be present to a dying loved one & make the experience of their end journey more powerful and meaningful for both of you.

The first one is literally to Be Present.  When you are with your loved one, certainly share the everyday and what may seem mundane happenings in your life with them – it often gives them a blessed distraction from what may be their reality – however, don’t be distracted by these things. 

Give your loved one your full attention, because one day soon you will desperately wish that you still could.

This is a person who you love that still has value and worth – treat them this way.  If they’re not up for talking, maybe read to them, or watch a movie together or just sit in silence with them.

Knowing that your loved one is on their end journey is a gift that not everyone receives – make the most of that time.

Peace & blessings, Sharon

How to Be