There is no true separation, there is only oneness. However, we perceive separation. It is not an illusion, for no one and no thing outside of ourselves creates this belief. It is purely perception. It is part of the journey of reconnecting with our Divinity while having this human experience. It is the same for not remembering our purpose for this particular incarnation, for the experiences we wish to have, for the lessons we wish to understand. These are very clear to us prior to our incarnation, they are simply not retained. Our human experience is partly about remembering all of these things.

We are one with the Divine and they are one with us. In those quiet moments when we allow ourselves true stillness, we sense this to be true. But we resist stillness, not knowing the power that is available to us during that time. Stillness is a gift that we can give to ourselves so often. In the act of experiencing stillness we can discover true peace – it is all determined by what we allow to be.

We are also one with each other; our physical being is all created from the same stardust and to that it will return. Our essence is love; our foundation is love; our truth is love; our purpose is love.

Make the time to connect with ourselves, to reconnect with the Divine, to experience stillness and remember how that purity of love and connection truly feels. Remember the peace and the bliss the comes from oneness and stillness.

We are Divine and we are Love.