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I’d like you to meet Jayne. That’s her pic above. 

Jayne was a client of mine and we worked together for 14 months, until she died in June 2018.

Jayne began working with me as she wanted some professional support to assist her die consciously, to die on her own terms and to address some of the spiritual/emotional aspects of her journey which were causing her some challenges.  Jayne had also experienced some substantial abuse in her life and the healing of these experiences were another dimension of her journey.

Jayne’s words below convey what she got from our work together…

Sharon offered me something that nobody else was offering me.  A non judgemental attitude, an acceptance of where I was at, and permission to let go the way that I wanted.  She was interested in what I felt my body was telling me, and was able to clarify for me, what was going on spiritually and emotionally, so that I could move forward with ease.
Every session that I had with Sharon, enlightened and supported me.  There was a lot more to let go of than I had realised, and a lot more emotional healing to be done.
Thank you Sharon, for your love and support.
You’ve really helped me to have a peaceful, loving death and dying experience.

End of Life Counselling

A life limiting situation has been diagnosed for you or someone precious to you and you’re struggling – which is completely understandable.

There are so many emotions coming up for you – unresolved issues, anticipatory grief, heartbreak, anger, along with what do you need to know, what needs to be organised, where to start…it can all feel a little (or very!!) overwhelming.  While it’s something that will happen for all of us, very few of us are prepared for it.

You have really wonderful friends, but you don’t want to burden them or for this to be the sole topic of conversation with them. You also don’t want to be constantly unloading on them and maybe even crying lots. You want to be able to have time with your friends simply being your friends and maybe even providing some blessed distraction, you know, “normal” life, before your world was turned upside down.

You want a professional who gets it; who is solely there for you with no agenda other than to support you.

That’s where the End of Life Counselling service can assist you.  As a qualified counsellor, we can work through the issues that are coming up for you. As someone who has had many precious loved ones die, I get all of those heartbreaking emotions. As a psychic/medium there may be connection with your guardians in both the angelic and spirit realms who are there to support you.

You may just need one or two sessions to release and work through a particular challenge or you may need a little bit longer. There is no pressure to lock you in to ongoing sessions – it truly is all about you and what you need to help you through this time.

Sessions are held over the phone or web, so can be held almost anywhere/anytime.

End of Life Counselling | Doing Death Better
End of Life Counselling


Counselling sessions are held via Zoom or the phone. They are available in either 45 or 90 minute lengths.
You have the choice of purchasing a session individually or purchasing a block of 5 (save 10%).
Blocks of 5 need to be used within a 3 month period from the date of purchase.

All prices listed are in Australian dollars.