Just a few words from some of the people I have served…

I met the beautiful Sharon a few years back and was instantly taken by her authenticity. Recently she reached out to me after hearing about my dad and her wisdom, knowledge, understanding and connectedness has made this chapter in my life so much easier. She is across it all … tying up loose ends, clauses for documents and most of all love. Thanks Sharon, your gift and your service to me and my family is received with much appreciation and gratitude.



You gave me concrete suggestions on how to care for myself during this period – I’m really good at caring for others, but sometimes forget to extend the same to myself.


Kansas, USA

Sharon is fearless when it comes to shepherding people through the grief process.  May father recently died and she was ever present with me helping me acknowledge what was my own emotion and what I was experiencing from the emotion around me.  Her work can’t be easy but she does it effortlessly to help others attain peace.

Leigh Daniel


You gave me all the practical skills and understanding I needed to support and help my darling Ken when he was diagnosed with very aggressive cancer last year.  We both benefitted so much from the things you taught me.  I was also able to support his family members through the process. 

Through you I gained the confidence to speak up on Ken’s behalf to doctors, family members and medical staff. 

Ken had the peaceful death he wanted because you enabled and educated me (and Ken through me) to ensure this.

Kathy Mildred


This plan has got to be a must for both young and old and it’s a “non-invasive” way to bring up a topic that is often shunned by many people. Whilst it’s a very personal thing, it does allow for a person to do it themselves, or if they wish, they can do it with someone they trust etc. 

The layout and content of the plan really exudes a feeling of “respect, compassion and caring”.

Todd Turner-Sow

New South Wales

Sharon, I have never met a teacher who being so knowledgeable with years of experience be so humble so warm nurturing loving warm caring making us feel so much at ease and most of all touching each ones heart with so much warmth and love.
Thank you for a divine spiritual experience.

Jyoti S

New South Wales

Because I had had the sessions with Sharon, I was prepared, and I was strong and in my power about what my Mum needed and wanted in the final days and hours of her life. It’s a really hard time, but Sharon really helped me to be ready, and it helped me to handle it. Thank you Sharon for helping me to have the strength to be able to enjoy the last precious days with my darling Mum.




I was with him, arrived the day before, but I know he was waiting for everyone to be here.  I had lots of family rubbish to deal with. But I was so glad I was there with him at the time.  Your advice in your book really really helped me enormously, I just did what I needed to do regardless of what the others were doing that I couldn’t control. Thank you thank you thank you.



Sharon offered me something that nobody else was offering me.  A non judgemental attitude, an acceptance of where I was at, and permission to let go the way that I wanted.

She was interested in what I felt my body was telling me, and was able to clarify for me, what was going on spiritually and emotionally, so that I could move forward with ease.

Every session that I had with Sharon, enlightened and supported me.  There was a lot more to let go of than I had realised, and a lot more emotional healing to be done.

She’s the “grief whisperer” and I feel privileged to have her with me for this final part of my journey.


Sydney, NSW

Sharon’s Dignity Therapy Sessions are an absolute gift…It allowed me to express the messages I wanted to leave for each of my dearest loved ones, in some cases I would never have a chance to voice these things in person…Dignity Therapy touches the deepest core of our hearts and allows that to communicate it to others in a meaningful way…this document will be there as comfort and inspiration for my family. It’s not about property or assets, it about a message from the heart.

Krishna Everson


This is one of the best seminars I have had the privilege to attend and I know it will enable me to give comfort and love to the dying.

Kathy H


Sharon is a gifted speaker/teacher and a font of knowledge about death and dying (and lots of other interesting stuff – Mediumship, Shamanism, Spirituality etc…)
As a pall. care nurse, I have been to many education sessions, conferences, workshops. This course was the best ever in regard to learning tools that were provided, and were ours to keep.

Dianne W