The little things never are…

There’s lots of things in our life that happen that are seemingly inconsequential, but truly, they are the things that make life special.

I have a baby granddaughter – Layla.  At the time of writing this, she is heading for 5 months old.  And of course, she is just gorgeous, as you can see!!  And no I am not biased lolz

We were going to be looking after her one day last week and my daughter arrived with her.  I could tell from Layla’s face that she had been crying (poor kid inherited my Rudolph nose thing when she cries).  My daughter said that she had just woken up and was also a bit snuffly.  I just gently stroked Layla’s face and then she gave me one of her beautiful smiles and put an arm out asking to come to me.

What was so special about this is that this is the first time that she has done this, and to do it when she was sick, oh, how my heart sang.  Now in the big scheme of things, it was a really little thing.  In my world, it was massive.  I choose to have awareness of treasuring these things.

the little things never are

The same applies for people who are dying – their sense of what’s important is often heightened and simple pleasures can be significant gifts.

Take my Mum as an example.  One of Mum’s pleasures in life was a cappuccino coffee, and in particular one from a specific hamburger chain’s cafe.  On what would end up being her last trip in the outside world before being moved to the hospice, we decided to call in to one on the way home and get a cuppa.  Mum hadn’t been able to do this in some months and the sheer pleasure she got from it was a blessing to watch.  Again, just a simple coffee, a seemingly little thing that was anything but.

For one of my clients, she wanted to reincarnate as an eagle, so I found a picture of a beautiful eagle in flight, printed it off and put it on the wall in her room.  She was so deeply appreciative of this simple gesture and took great delight in looking at it and imagining herself flying freely – her body at this stage was ravaged with the effects of motor neurone disease and she was unable to physically move.

Truly, the little things never are.

What little things are important to you?  If you have someone in your world that is dying, what little things would they appreciate?

Peace & blessings, Sharon