The way of the Messenger - Spiritual Palliative CareBeing a messenger consists of two parts

       Having a message

       Spreading that message



The way of the Messenger - Spiritual Palliative CareFor me, the message is what your soul keeps calling to you to share with others.  Sometimes that might feel like your soul is a kid with a megaphone and sometimes it might seem like a random message in a bottle washes up at your feet, but you know in the depths of your being that it’s not random at all.  It’s knowing in your heart and your soul and your mind what truth you need to share that will be of service to others. 


My message is two-fold :

  • We can do the experience that is dying and death better for everyone involved; the dying, their loved ones and the medical professionals that support them
  • Living well and dying well go hand in hand.

After much personal experience of losing precious loved ones (4 in the space of 5 years along with quite a few others)and also serving clients as a spiritual counsellor who were also having precious loved ones die, my soul started calling to me louder and louder about my message.  Truth be told, it was probably calling to me earlier, however, I either ignored, didn’t hear or wasn’t ready to hear the message.  So it kept calling and nudging until it was not possible to miss.

And there will be something in you along these lines.  It might not make you world famous, it might not seem huge, but it will be yours.  It will probably seem way to obvious for you and much like common sense that you will struggle to understand how everybody doesn’t get it!!  That’s because it’s instinctive, it’s part of who you are and what you bring to this life.

As for spreading that message, for me, it’s not about proselytising or trying to convert anyone to your truth, it’s about sharing your truth in a way that’s authentic to you and then that connecting you with the people who resonate with your message.   It’s living as the example of your truth, walking your talk for want of a better term.  It’s speaking your truth while holding the intent of it being in the best and highest good of all concerned. 

If your message is to be shared on a wider stage, be prepared that it will take lots and lots and lots of consistent effort.  And that at times it will feel like you are not getting anywhere.  Trust and have faith that all the foundations are being laid and by following intuitive guidance the places, situations and people will appear to help you on your path.  But even then, you will still need to labour.  I have had many times when I felt completely shattered and exhausted and that I wasn’t not making a difference or serving as I wished to serve.  I would allow myself those times, knowing that they would not last.  I would also reconnect with my ‘why’.  Why is my message important?  Why does it need to be shared?  Why am I doing this?  Those stories, those reasons helped me to keep going when the times got tough.

Video has been a great way for me to connect with other people and share my message in a way that is authentic and accurately conveys what I wish to say.  I don’t have some fancy schmancy set up; often it’s my phone on a little tripod sitting on a stack of books on my desk.  Certainly nothing glamorous there!!  But these little videos – generally only 2-3mins long – have powerfully connected with people, both publicly on Facebook and privately behind the scenes or in person.  Many are the comments I hear from other people about how the message resonated with them, gave them new understandings or insights or really helped them heal.  Most of the time I don’t put a call to action at the end of them as I want to just serve and sometimes putting a call to action makes it feel too ‘salesy’.   

The basis of all of my work is connection between souls and it’s no different in the sharing of the message.  It’s not about being better than anyone else, it’s just sharing information that may be new to some people or a simple reminder for others.

Find that within you which makes your heart sing, for that is your life purpose, and then do that, share that, live that, be that.  Know that it is your message to the world, whether that is meant to be spread far and wide across the globe or just in your intimate circle.  For no matter what, the ripples on the pond that your life and message make impact others, sometimes in ways you can’t possibly know. 

Peace & blessings, Sharon