Trialling something a bit different – I am going to offer you blogs as either written or video.  Please let me know what you think 🙂

Today’s topic is What’s Your Focus of when either you or a loved one is on their end journey.  Knowing that physical time is coming to an end is a gift and it’s a gift because so many people do not get to experience this opportunity.  How often do we hear of someone who has died suddenly?  This leaves no time for either that person or their loved ones to say and do all that may need to be said and done.

There will be times on an end journey when tears will just flow for all involved – this is natural and normal and you need to allow them to flow.  That doesn’t mean though, that that is where you choose to unpack and live.  You get to choose what the focus of your experience will be.

For loved ones, go about creating precious memories that you will treasure long after your loved one has left this physical realm.

If it’s you on your end journey, depending on the nature of that experience, you can explore new horizons.  There might be physical ones where you go travelling; their might be mental ones where you learn new skills or hobbies; or there may be spiritual and/or emotional ones where you delve into your depths and discover what is your truth.

The gift is that you get to choose how you wish that experience to be.  I would also encourage it to be a time for healing.  Now this might not be a miraculous physical one, but there can be soulful healing; spiritual healing and emotional healing.  All of these things can contribute to a good death and all of that is determined and given meaning by the person on their end journey.

However the journey unfolds, I hope that you will see it for the precious gift that it is.

As always, I am here to serve.

With love & blessings, Sharon