Why we feel it deeply when celebrities die...Let’s face it, in terms of celebrities leaving this mortal coil, 2016 has been huge.  One of my mentors said at the start of the year when we started losing them that we would have a lot of creatives die this year and it’s sad to admit that she was right.

I say sad from my humanness.  Like anyone who has died, I feel sad for those who intimately knew and loved this person as there is now a void that will never be filled.  From the spiritual perspective, it is a different feeling with understanding that this particular journey on the Earth for this precious soul was done.

But why do we feel so deeply moved when a celebrity dies?  More often than not, they are not someone we have known personally or intimately in our lives.  We might think we have, but they aren’t.  So why are we so impacted?

For me, there is one main reason and that is celebrities dying causes us to face our own mortality and review own our lives.

We live in a death denying society and if these celebrities, who we place upon a pedestal succumb to death, what chance have we mere mortals?

We don’t like to think that anyone will die, but it does come to all of us.  And I think this thought is even more powerful in terms of celebrities.  We like to think that their stars will shine brightly in our physical worlds for eons to come, that they are immortal.  Their physical passing reminds us that all of us will die.

There could be another aspect too – mostly these celebrities are people who have achieved significant success in their particular field.  Is there a bit of, “look what they did with their life, what have I done with mine?” Now, if you utilise this question from a positive perspective and potentially motivation, that is fabulous.  I do ask that you don’t use it as an opportunity to beat yourself up!!

Allow yourself to grieve for these people and celebrate the gifts that they have given to our world.  Send much love to those who shared their lives intimately.

If there is one thing to take away from the deaths of celebrities, use the reminder that death will come to all of us at some point in time and invest in your relationships .  Treasure the precious people in your world.  Tell them you love them.  Make the time to be with them.  Seek to heal the broken relationships, if possible.  If not, release with much love.

We truly are on this Earth for but a blip in time peoples.  Make the most of it.

Peace & blessings, Sharon