Lit candle with rose quartz angel in frontA beautiful lady I have been serving has left our Earthly plane.  And I use the word beautiful purposefully, for this lady was beautiful inside and out.

I knew her for less than a month, but she was one of those special souls who just touches you in the depth of your being.  And the steady stream of friends who were visiting with her also testified to just how she loved and was loved.

In the times that we shared together, she was always concerned about the welfare of others and making sure that they were comfortable.  Much of our time together was spent in silent connection.  Getting into my heart space and sitting in unconditional love was an easy journey with this lady.

Grace is the word that comes to my mind when I think of her and her presence.

So today I give thanks…
I give thanks for this beautiful lady and the life she lived.
I give thanks for the love she so freely gave and received.
I give thanks for having been able to share just a small part of her end journey.
I give thanks for the learnings I have received in sharing space and time with her.

I light a candle for you dear lady.

And of course, much love is held and sent for those who knew and loved her.  May the wings of angels wrap you in their love as you remember, honour and grieve her passing from this Earthly plane.

With love, Sharon